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Monday, December 19, 2016

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Sound IQ

Sound IQ is a project to collect, map and present nearshore data from the Northwest Straits region online, using an easy-to-access, Internet-based platform. To visit the site, click on this link:

Clallam County Sound IQ

2016 MRC Conference

Clallam MRC members in front of the display at the 2016 MRC conference

The Clallam MRC participated in the 2016 MRC conference, which this year was held at the Northwest Maritime Center in Port Townsend. More than 150 people participated in the 2-day conference which covered a wide range of topics from modeling ocean acidification in the Salish Sea to philanthropy and the MRCs. Click here for more information on the conference. 

undefinedA free raffle of a geoduck was held as part of Clallam MRC's display with Bob Simmons from Washington State University Extension the lucky winner. Ed Bowlby, the chair of Clallam MRC, moderated the showing and following panel discussion of the film the Sonic Sea. Ralph Riccio gave a presentation on the Olympia oyster restoration efforts in Sequim Bay. Clallam MRC received an award from the Northwest Strait Commission for our work on oil spill preparedness.


Clallam County Marine Resources Committee was established by the Clallam County Commissioners in 1999 to protect and enhance the local marine environment and contribute to the protection of the marine environment of the Northwest Straits region.

The Clallam MRC is one of seven MRCs established in the Northwest Straits region as part of the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative.

undefinedA tutorial to SoundIQ is available here