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Monday, September 18, 2017

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Sound IQ

Sound IQ is a project to collect, map and present nearshore data from the Northwest Straits region online, using an easy-to-access, Internet-based platform. To visit the site, click on this link:

Clallam County Sound IQ

New Pet Waste Signs at West Elwha Beach

Waverly Shreffler and Arnold Schouten install the new signs

After the dam removal the beach on the west side of the river mouth has seen increased usage. During her summer internship Waverly Shreffler conducted 11 beach use surveys which documented that pet waste on the dike road accessing the beach is an issue. On average 15 dog poops were found on the short road with a maximum of 54 dog poops on the first survey.

In response to these findings Waverly came up with a short verse and had the signs made reminding people to pick up after their dogs.


Clallam County Marine Resources Committee was established by the Clallam County Commissioners in 1999 to protect and enhance the local marine environment and contribute to the protection of the marine environment of the Northwest Straits region.

The Clallam MRC is one of seven MRCs established in the Northwest Straits region as part of the Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative.

undefinedA tutorial to SoundIQ is available here