Committee Meeting
: Port Angeles Board of County Commissioners Hearing Room

Date Time Tide (ft) Date Time Tide (ft)
Port Angeles - December Port Angeles - January
12/20/2018 11:37 AM 8.03 1/18/2019 10:45 AM 8.15
12/21/2018 12:06 PM 8.28 1/19/2019 11:29 AM 8.40
12/22/2018 12:40 PM 8.44 1/20/2019 12:19 PM 8.52
12/23/2018 1:19 PM 8.44 1/21/2019 1:11 PM 8.45
12/24/2018 2:02 PM 8.22 1/22/2019 2:05 PM 8.13
Sequim - December Sequim - January
12/27/2018 8:03 AM 9.14 1/26/2019 7:58 AM 8.97
12/28/2018 8:45 AM 9.05      
12/29/2018 9:27 AM 8.93      

Participate in the Newly State Launched MyCoast

Help documenting the changing coast in Clallam County by using  MyCoast  to document tides, storm damage, marine debris, creosote pilings and much more. Take a picture using the MyCoast mobile app or submit it via your browser when you get back to your computer.  The MyCoast servers fetch the background data such as tides and weather to add context to your picture. State and municipal employees, planners, developers, business owners, and others can use your data to make better decisions.

You can take pictures anywhere and upload them in MyCoast, but Clallam MRC has selected two beaches to focus the effort. The first beach is the Three Crab restoration site and the second beach is Hollywood Beach in Port Angeles (look for the white footprints and take pictures while standing on them).  The NWSC is planning a MyCoast webinar - if you are interested in participating please email Helle Andersen at The table above summarizes the upcoming daylight king tides in the Port Angeles and Sequim area.