May 2024 MRC Monthly Meeting
: Clallam County Courthouse


Video introduction to the Clallam MRC and its work, featuring Commissioner Ozias and created by the MRC's 2020 interns:

Title screen for 2020 intern video reading

The Clallam Marine Resources Committee is embarking on a comprehensive survey initiative to assess the status of endangered Pinto Abalone. By gathering population data through dive surveys, we aim to inform restoration priorities and safeguard this critical species.

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Vegetation Management for Shoreline Landowners

In case you missed it, you can watch the recording of the NW Straits Shore Friendly's vegetation management workshop! Sound Native Plants Co-owner Ben Alexander discusses the use of native vegetation for improving wildlife habitat, including information on bluff and beach processes, Puget Sound nearshore wildlife and habitat, soils and the importance of drainage management, root strength and the role of native vegetation on a marine slope/shoreline, and examples and recommendations for native vegetation on your property.

“It all starts with the kelp.”

Chris Morgan, wildlife ecologist, conservationist, filmmaker and host of the podcast THE WILD takes us under the Salish Sea to discover the incredible interconnected ecosystems, called kelp highways, that make life in the Pacific Northwest possible. Chris listens to Native American biologists and the Coast Salish people who have lived alongside the kelp and protected it for thousands of years. Tribes have joined together to protect the kelp highway and are actively training their youth to be the next natural resource managers of this life-giving ecosystem that creates the food for our food and is critical for the survival of species like pinto abalone, salmon and more.


Kelp: Our Underwater Forests 

Watch the recording of the first in a series of webinars hosted by Clallam MRC, Featuring Dr. Tom Mumford. Learn about the importance of kelp in our local ecosystems, and its significance as a marine resource!  Click here to watch. 

Kelp: Our Underwater Forests

Tips & Tricks to Catch More Crab

Northwest Straits Foundation provides resources to help crabbers optimize chances of retrieving crab pots, in turn reducing the incidence of lost & derelict crab pots, which can negatively impact populations of crab and other sea life. Click here to learn more!