Clallam MRC meeting - cancelled because of MRC retreat Oct. 26

Dungeness River Festival

Clallam MRC participated in the 21st Dungeness River Festival September 27th with a booth focusing on how to catch more crabs by using proper crabbing techniques and thereby reduce the number of lost crab pots. For the educational outreach to the students the MRC summer intern had made a game consisting of a wheel with nine slots; six of these slots displayed proper crabbing techniques and three incorrect techniques. Each student would spin the wheel once and if the wheel landed on a proper technique the student was awarded a “catch more crab” sticker. 

The festival reached about 1,400 festival participants; approximately 950 3-5 grade school students enjoyed the festival along with 450 teachers, chaperons and other residents. The members thought the game went pretty well, however they decided to change the rules and give everyone a sticker as long as the losers promised never to do the bad practice again.