We work to discover collaborative ways to improve shellfish harvest areas, protect marine habitat, support salmon and forage fish recovery and explore resource management alternatives to reduce impacts on marine resources.

About us

The Clallam County Marine Resources Committee (Clallam MRC) was established by a resolution of Clallam County as a result of the 1998 Northwest Straits Marine Conservation Initiative, which combines data-driven science with grassroots involvement by citizens in an effort to promote local solutions that protect and restore marine resources in Clallam County.

The Clallam County MRC is a balanced team of members comprised of local citizens representing conservation, environmental, recreation and tourism interests as well as tribes, cities, academia, the development community and other local governmental agencies.

We provide input to Clallam Board of Commissions, when appropriate, to ensure the protection and restoration of marine resources. We also manage and support projects such as marine debris removal, oiled wildlife training, Olympia oyster restoration, and community education. Each year, as part of the educational outreach, we sponsor student interns to work on Clallam MRC projects. To foster their interest in natural resource careers.

In meeting these goals, we hope to address and rectify the many serious threats to the Northwest Straits, its natural resources, and human residents.